Professional Wrestling

Rocky Mountain Pro is an Independent Wrestling Promotion based out of Colorado run by Ring Veteran/Head Coach (Al Snow Wrestling Academy-Rocky Mountain) Mercury Yaden. Over the years former WWE, WCW, TNA Head Writer/Producer/Talent, Vince Russo, has established a working relationship with Yaden and the Up-n-Coming Promotion, leading to Vince’s current role as a “Special Consultant” for the Company, having input/influence on their overall Creative.

Current talent on the RMP Roster Include: D’Lo Brown on commentary, Sledge (ROH), Martin Casaus (Marty “The Moth” Lucha Underground), Christi Jaynes (NWA) , Malia Hosaka (WCW, NWA) and many more. Alumni of RMP and ASWA-RM include Otis (WWE), Abandon (AEW), Dak Draper (ROH), and Royce Isaacs (NWA/NJPW).

With this Package, Vince and RMP are offering you a ONCE IN A LIFETIME OPPORTUNITY to be PART OF A MAJOR WRESTLING PROMOTION. YES, you will have an IMPACT on talent, story lines, promos, matches and the MAGIC BEHIND the scenes.

For $14.99 a month you will be a “PLATINUM SHAREHOLDER MEMBER” with these PERKS:

  • Receive the Weekly Rocky Mountain Pro TV Show, “CHARGED”
  • Be a Part of Monthly On-Line Creative Meetings with the Head Writer of RMP Stephen Keith
  • Have Access to Vince Russo’s PERSONAL E-MAIL to send him your Creative Ideas
  • Your Name will be ROLLED INTO the Final Credits of the Show
  • You will get a SHOUT OUT During One “Charged”
  • You will Receive the LIVE Post “Charged” Show, Dudes & Belts Re-Charged
  • Free Collector’s Poster Signed by ALL RMP Talent (After 3 months)